Bulk Wholesale Recycled and New Shop Rags



White Knit

WRK, cut to wiper size from T-shirts
Best all around very soft low lint

White Towels
WRT, White bath towel cut to wiper
Size, soft and absorbent

White Knit with Print
Less expensive than White Knit

White Sheet
WRS very large piecescut from white
Sheets, low lint, soft and absorbent

Color Recycled Rags/Wipers

Traditional Grease and Oil Rag, mixed colors
CRK color knit (t-shirt) cut to wiper size
Low lint

CRF, Color cotton sweat shirt wiper
Waxing, buffing, polishing

Blue Huck (surgical)
BHR 16x24 uniform, low lint. Hemmed
Recycled 100 LB Bale
















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